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2B Mindset Mission

2B Mindset- Lose Weight Happily!

Lose weight – happily! With 2B Mindset, learn how to reach your goal weight and keep it off, while feeling satisfied and living your life to the fullest.

What Is 2B Mindset?

2B Mindset is NOT a diet—it’s a mindset. It’s a revolutionary video-based weight-loss program that will change your mindset about food, your body, and losing weight. Instead of diets that focus on what you can’t eat, this simple and easy approach will have you focused on what you can eat so you feel full, satisfied, and in control without ever counting calories or points or measuring food. The 2B Mindset teaches you how to confidently make healthy choices, from meal planning and recipe ideas, to keeping a healthy mindset on vacation and conquering emotional eating. You’ll get recipe ideas and meal prep help, plus tips for conquering emotional eating and more.  What makes this program really unique is that it will change your mindset and help you conquer some of the underlying reasons you’ve struggled in the past to lose the weight and keep it off.  You will create a better relationship with food and your body, so you can lose weight happily and keep it off for good!

You can learn more about 2B Mindset by watching this video here

Who Created This Program & Why?

Ilana Muhlstein, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, created this program as a practical and simple weight loss solution after years of yo-yo dieting. She struggled with her weight and emotional eating all her life until she changed her mindset. She figured out how to eat a lot of food AND lose a lot of weight at the same time…100 lbs to be exact. The 2B Mindset features her principles and proven strategies to lose weight without giving up your favorite foods. She has been working on this program with Beachbody for the past 2 years along with many many years of researching and testing on her own to develop this program!

Who is 2B Mindset For?

If you are someone who:

•Loves eating out
•Hates to cook
•Eats takeout often
•Is constantly “on a diet”
•Beats yourself up over over-eating
•Loves to eat food, loves to eat big portions & feel full
•Is a late night snacker
•Loves to travel, but doesn’t know how to stay on track
•Wants to lose weight, but doesn’t want or like to workout
•Loves to workout, but struggles with food
•Wants to be free from emotional eating, obsessing about food, and feeling overwhelmed by food choices
Then this is for you!!

 What Comes With The 2B Mindset?

The program includes everything that you need to be successful. Click here to see exactly what you will be receiving as part of your 2B Mindset package.

How Is Shakeology Integrated Into The 2B Mindset?

Ilana is a huge fan of Shakeology! Because of its high-protein content (17g), Shakeology can count as the protein for any 2B Mindset meal. One of Ilana’s primary tips for weight loss is for people to have a consistent breakfast. And since Shakeology is easy and quick to make—and tastes great—she chooses it as part of her consistent breakfast every morning. Since it’s a protein, it can also work as part of your lunch, snack, or dinner so it integrates perfectly into every day, and the best news is you get to decide when! And she has so many great ways to enjoy it and make it even more satisfying.

I have included a graphic  with more information on the ingredients in Shakeology. I am also happy to send you the nutritional information as well. It comes in a variety of different flavors (vanilla, chocolate, cafe latte and strawberry) and there’s an option for a regular formula (with whey protein) or a vegan formula (no whey protein).

Can The 2B Mindset Be Done Along With Exercise?

Absolutely. The 2B Mindset does not require exercise, but it’s encouraged and it’s considered “extra credit.”

Want to see some results? A positive mindset truly leads to positive weight loss!


How Do I Get Started?

I am going to be hosting a private accountability group to help you navigate the nutrition plan, to implement the strategies and to be there with you every single step of the process.

You have 2 options for signing up:

1. 2B Mindset & Shakeology Challenge Pack (For those people who DO NOT want to incorporate exercise into their routine) includes:

  • Streaming access to all of the 2B Mindset videos
  • The 2B Mindset Getting Started Guide
  • The 2B Mindset Go-To Guide
  • The 2B Mindset Recipe Book
  • The 2B Mindset 90-Day Tracker
  • The 2B Mindset 30 fl. oz./888 mL Water Bottle
  • Access to the videos and tracking via the Beachbody Nutrition+ app
  • First 30-day supply of Shakeology with your choice of chocolate, vanilla, cafe latte, or strawberry.
  • Shakeology Shaker Cup

This package is regularly priced at $180, but is on SALE for $160 this month only!! To purchase click here

2. 2B Mindset & Beachbody On Demand & Shakeology Challenge Pack (For those people who DO want to incorporate exercise into their routine) includes:

  • Everything in the 2B Mindset Challenge Pack PLUS:
  • 1 year of streaming access to Beachbody On Demand for when you are ready to start adding in exercise

This package is regularly priced at $220, but is on SALE for $200 this month only!! To purchase, click here

Please email me  at with ANY questions that you may have! I can not wait to help you get started!!