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Top 5 Tips to Get Up and Workout~ Fit Mom Feature with Jennifer Voss

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Now that the kids are back in school, I wake up every morning at 5:30 a.m. to get my workout in.  I love the 30 minutes that I have to myself before the craziness of the morning routine begins, BUT I am not going to say that it is always easy to get up that early in the morning.  There are definitely days that I want to hit the snooze button and stay in bed.  That is why I am so excited to have Jennifer Voss as my Fit Mom Feature Guest Blogger! She has 5 awesome tips to help you get up and workout.

Jennifer and I are very similar! She is a fellow Sweat Pink and FitFluential Ambassador, has a passion for health and fitness, and is a busy mom of 2 kids just like me!  She is a certified personal trainer, health/fitness coach, and she teaches group fitness classes all while training for a marathon! Superwoman! I am so happy that she found some time to share some of her great tips with us today.

Busy Girls TOP 5 TIPS to Get Up Early & Workout

By Jennifer Voss- Marathon Runner, Personal Trainer, Zumba Instructor, JennVfitness

I have a confession. I never used to be an early riser and if you’re not guess what—I’ve got some tips to help you get up and fit in that morning workout, tips that can help you either sleep or save to get ready before work.

I thought I’d do a play on words, simple tips summed up using the phrase: WAKE UP!

W  Workout Wear. Know what you want to wear to workout on based on your workout & have everything laid out the night before. Simple, but making sure your outfit is complete and you have all your accessories, including change of clothes, your socks, fuel belt, goggles, swim cap, etc. Looking for any of these small items can cost you precious TIME from that morning workout!



A  Alarm. Set more than ONE alarm for the morning, this way if you hit snooze or fall back asleep you have a backup alarm. I usually set THREE alarms, one 5mins before time I really want to get up (I know myself, I almost ALWAYS hit snooze) the set time and the one I label “Get your Lazy A$$ out of bed.” I try to make that final alarm at a time that even if I stall until then I can still get a 20-25min short workout in before work.


K  Keep Good Company. Make a date with a friend or group to do an early morning workout/ attend a class. After setting the date, typically with my friends we will text each other to confirm the night before and then in the morning we will text again to motivate each other to get up and get excited about the workout!

E  Energy or Fuel. Early morning workouts I highly recommend eating something, be it a pre-workout drink or something small like ½ mini bagel and banana. Your body has been fasting all night and giving your body some food will help deliver some energy to get in your morning sweat session. One ingredient I like to look for in my morning supplements is caffeine (green tea extract is a healthy source), or you can simply grab a small cup of joe and that will help give your body a wake up call too. Don’t forget to pack a snack post-workout too. It is important to RE-fuel within 30 minutes of your workout with protein and some carbs. (shakes, bars, peanutbutter, fruits are healthy snacks to keep on hand)

FYI: Caffeine will improve fat burning and boost your energy, increase muscular strength and endurance. It’s something you can take both pre and post-workout.

U Usher aka PLAYLIST. Music is a great motivator and mood buster! Seriously, you put on some music and it can instantly change your mood. Create a “morning playlist” and select songs that immediately when you hear them you can NOT move and dance to them. There are a few cool resources I like to use to add variety to my workouts, first is Rock My Run has great BPM (beats per minute) mixes that you can purchase and a neat app I like to use is called FitRadio.

P Pack & PLAN. Sum of all of these actions really—this is the bread and butter of finding success at making those early morning workouts really happen. We have to Pack (compile what we need) and Plan (tell others what we are setting out to accomplish).



Still, some days you will just simply need to listen to your body. I had one of those this past week and well, no matter how much I prepared (and I had a running meet up planned even!) you are, your body will sure enough tell you that you need a well deserved REST day. Please let me know if any of these tips helped you get up and out the door!

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I know you can do this—no more excuses to skip those early morning workouts!!




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